Naomi vs. Tyra: Walkoff!

See! Models really do have walkoffs to settle their "fierce feuds"!

And that's a just a little teeny taste of the excitement that came when Tyra decided it was time to settle the score with Naomi....we discovered that Tyra quit modelling not only because of her junk food weakness but also because of her Naomi-related stress. Po' Ty Ty Baby.

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ishb(i'm so hot bitches) said...

which side are you on? i'm guessing naomi, but then again...
p.s. can i have a ride tommorrow morning? call me if you can.

LCP said...

wtf would I be on that coked out bitch's side? huh? I'm OBVS on Ty Ty Baby's Team!!!
p.s. YES, I suppose I can give you another ride tomorrow (sigh...my life is so hard)
p.p.s. do I still have to call you?...I'll have to think about that....