LB Withdrawal

What with the 2nd season of Laguna Beach drawing to a close I think we're pretty much all feeling the painful pangs of withdrawal.

All that we have are those brief moments that constituted the preview for season 3. Luckily, TVgasm has analysis of said preview...and they noticed what I noticed, which I'm sure you noticed too: the guys for next season look pretty hot! Mmm, looks good---wha, um what are you doing here? (Or in the words of TVgasm:

"...is Abercrombie & Fitch paying to have their models attend Laguna High? It's kind of like Never Been Kissed, except instead of Drew Barrymore, there's abs!"

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treenman said...

the girls will be hard to warm up to though. especially the the naomi judd look a like. she looks pretty dern trashy.