Oh Please, She's Just "Acting"

In case you didn't see the video of Kate Moss (topless) and "dancing" around looking, um...possibly a little bit high. Here's another link that's still working.

And NO, she's not weird she's just doing her job and as we all know from watching Top Model modeling involves lots of really demanding, emotional shoots like this. Apparently this video is part of the "Moving Fashion Project" for Showstudio. She's "interpreting" "Sheena is a punk rocker" by the Ramones. And since the Ramones were punk she decided to pogo......see, totally explainable.

And yes, I'm sure, she hit her head on the fan on purpose too. It's all part of being punk, okay?


dynamene said...

That is just gross.

And tell Jess she's not that hot at all.

LCP said...

um, but she is.

dynamene said...

Maybe if you're a girl.