More Evidence Harry and the Gang are Growing Up?

Hm, on a less prurient note: does anyone else think Hermione is totally wearing the same dress in both of these photos--she just threw on some skanky 90s-esque sheer thingy over it in the 2nd one?

Not that I'm criticizing her or anything. Obviously she doesn't care about prissy things like dresses anymore because she's punk rock--note her flaming Converses with mismatching laces...whoa.

And on the subject of Converses....um, obviously Harry's just a lame, preppy little boy compared to the utter toughness of Ron and Hermione--note half-in-the-picture Ron, and that (shiny?) purple shirt on Harry in the first photo and electric blue tie in the 2nd...um. I'm sorry Harry but you're really not pulling that shit off.

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treeners said...

you look like hermoine.

LCP said...

it's probably because of my irish blood

dynamene said...

Emma Watson is fucking hot.

LCP said...

she's 15

dynamene said...

She's still hot.