The New and Improved Goblet of Fire

Okay, you can judge for yourself whether Xiaxue's version actually improves on the original by all the creative cast/plot twists...but either way, it's pretty funny and it's also a lot less bo-ring in my own personal opinion, partly due to the gratuitous nudity and slut casting. (Plus Ron and Voldemort are soooo much hotter now.)

Oh, and BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK: please take the new GoF with a large grain of salt, especially with regards to:

1) the Maltreatment of Olsens--especially of the MK variety. Boo.
2) The notion that Tom Welling might make a hotter Cedric..Um, NO!

However, Xiaxue tackles the issue of too-pretty Hermione brilliantly! I know I was upset to discover that Hermione was already gorgeous....thus how can she be suddenly transformed for the Yule Ball? Hm???? Xiaxue reminds us of how
"Harry said he discovered that Hermione's grin was so different now that she had shrunk her teeth, and her hair, usually in a big messy bush, was sleek and combed into a smooth bun tied at her nape... And her posture was just different, maybe it was the absence of the dozen or so books slung over her shoulders"

Luckily the genius idea of casting Hilary Duff (with frizzed out hair and her own glistening veneers) as pre-Yule Ball Hermione is perfect!

Okay, now that we've got that straight, you can go read it yourself.


help me! said...

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i actually had a dream about those boots. the dream boots.okay. second issue: what time are you not busy today or could hang out? i would go now, but i feel bad not finishing my essays and schtuff or at least trying to finish.
p.s. the casting of GoF was pretty funny.

LCP said...

hey treens...I know I've talked to you since you left this message but hi anyway. and I WANT to hang out with you right now...but who knows whether my own momster will let me or not (nice job completely ripping off and adopting as your own my own PERSONAL mom-nickname)

treens said...

sorry, it was so good i couldn't help it. unlike fair kate, i think it is the most clever way to address the mother figure.
p.s. mahncy will either be called cleavage or chas chas because of that pic that you and megs were trying to post on her myspace.
p.s.s. i like the sparkly lips and song you put up, but i don't think mahncy got the song.

LCP said...

ok, go again, I changed the background from lips to skull & crossbones...so mahncy can represent her true punk-ness...they look really cute (in my opinion) with the song and the pink

p.s. help us put pictures up!!!
p.p.s. get us more pictures!!!
p.p.p.s. um,you do know it's supposed to be "p.p.s" not "p.s.s." right? "post-postscript" not "postscript-script"

LCP said...

one more thing: didn't you like mahncy's "I'm saving myself for Luke Perry" headline....get it? get it? Unfortunately I doubt most ppl will, so brandon will just be like um, is mahncy being a bad girlfriend again???

treener said...

actually, the headline was the first thing i noticed and chuckled at. the first thing i thought was ,"that's such a crazy lynn thing to write!".
p.s. about the p.s.s thing, right when i sent it i thought to myself "i think it should be p.p.s, but whatever lynn will correct me anyway so fuck that"
p.p.s. im sure many guys think kate moss is hot.
p.p.p.s. i've defs head the luke perry thing before, but where is it from?

LCP said...

OMFG! I can't believe you can't recognize a clueless quote when you hear one!!! (slightly bastardized, because actually dionne says "Cher's saving herself for Luke Perry"..but still you should know that.