The AMAs in Brief

Yes, the AMAs are known to be boring and all..but how could I resist when they promised to showcase the talents of both Lindsay Morgan Lohan (LiMoLo) and her ever shrinking nemesis...Hilary "Horse Teeth" Duff?

Yeah and not only that but some good Tim McGraw action (...all that leather....) and a little bit of Cyndi Lauper (shown in dramatic black & white--for unknown reasons--and looking very grandmotherly according to Megan)

The rest of it was pretty much crap. Yeah, totally crap actually. And for those of you who were too intimidated to brave the sea of crappiness yourself...there's tons more pictures and highlights after the jump...

LiMoLo brings us peace....

Hilary brings the horse teeth (and looks incredibly awkward while tottering around the stage in mile-high gladiator style whore-boots)

Oh yeah, here she is floating onto the stage for her performance and showcasing the whore-boots...what you don't see are the one good part about the performance: her hilarious backup dancers pogo-ing around behind her while she vamps around like a little girl playing dress up.

This is Gwen Stefani...isn't she annoying and ugly? Yes

Yea! for Cyndi Lauper...I'm not sure what exactly was the point of having her at the AMAs singing really old music..but whatever, she's cool.

Ooh, look at Cyndi getting all into her music...

and of course...Mariah and her boobs winning awards, Yea Mariah!

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