Joaq the Line

Um, I'm really sorry about that awful pun but once it popped into my head I just couldn't resist it. I did my best to change the title to something like "Joaquin Phoenix Walks the Line Between Crazy and Cool" or even something really simple like "Walk the Line"...but quite candidly, I just couldn't bring myself to delete it.

In the Joaq's own words: “Cash was addicted to pills, for me it was all about drinking.”...and for me it is all about the puns.

Innyhoo, loved this movie, love Joaquin...but he's either still kind of crazy (on top of the whole frog incident) or just the kind of guy who gets really into character.

"...while playing the addicted Cash pulled a sink out of the wall even though it wasn’t in the script." and very dramatic it was.

Plus he checked into rehab (for alcohol) right after filming, and on top of all that drama, Joaq threatens to leave acting


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