These are a Few of Her Favorite Things

Prompting me to wonder why I don't hang out in Oprah's studio audience...then I found out that the whole studio audience was full of Hurricane Katrina volunteers and workers, and I was suddenly very disappointed.

What happened to the idea that getting on Oprah's favorite things show was like winning the lottery or something. You could get lucky just by being boring and actually interested enough in Oprah to go be in her studio audience...now you have to do something good to get there???

That's messed up. I'd be fine with her making some new "give back to the Katrina volunteers show" but I'm really pissed at her for messing with the "favorite things" like this.

The List plus Oprah getting sexy are after the jump.

Without further ado...I introduce to you Oprah's 2005 favorite things:
And just for your viewing pleasure...here's Oprah trying on those favorite cords for us. Sexy, right?

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