Seriously. Cameron Diaz was substituting for a some environmental class at Stanford this week.

This is her pretending she knows something about the environment....because of all her experience making Trippin'?

Apparently this is something MTV is doing where they send celebs around to make surprise appearances at different colleges and teach a class....surely, this is embarrassing for her? [popsugar link with lots more pictures of Cam looking stupid]

Also, I kind of hate her clothes. On the surface I guess they're kind of unoffensive but she's rich & famous, does she have to wear a plain fitted top and jeans every day--and no, topping it off with a weird hat is not an improvement....and while we're talking about clothes, is that what professors at Stanford really look like? All black with a green bowtie....I wonder if he dresses like that even when MTV isn't there.


treens said...

i like the bowtie! and i also like your title? what are you doing/ did you do this weekend? we should do something. im hellza bored. all the time.

LCP said...

basically nothing because of stupid early applications: I don't have the energy to actually work on them but the momster won't allow me out of the house unless I'm doing "school-related stuff"...all that ends in about a week though.

also, isn't it weird that cameron diaz & mtv were @ stanford this week I feel like I live in laguna beach or soemthing