Team MK

I used to think Paris was just stupid and slutty and shallow but apparently she's actually pure evil. She's mean to Mary-Kate and that's not okay. I mean, stealing her (ugly) boyfriend is one thing, but insulting her...that is soooo uncool. Watch the clip (where Paris is apparently dissing MK) For those of you too lazy to watch it yourself, here's what happened:
Paris said on her cellphone..."She's so ugly and jealous! She's just a jealous, ugly, anorexic idiot...I know, she's pathetic!" Kim Stewart told Paris "Shhh..shut up!" Paris laughed. Then Paris, Kim and Bijou entered the club.
I was kind of okay with Paris Hilton before this because she was amusing but now I HATE her because she's mean to Olsens, and obviously Olsens are cooler than her because they're twins and they make better movies than her.

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