Not Good Enough

I'm only putting this picture up because it is supposedly red hair...but I don't know, does that look red to you? I will not be happy with Lindsay's hair until it is Real Lindsay Red, okay? hmm, or maybe a little lighter like this. Nonetheless, that should be pretty soon right? Considering how often her color changes...

Okay, also I'm posting a full-body version of the picture after the jump...and it kind of seems like she's gained a lot of weight. Not that I'm saying she's too much or anything but seriously, it seems to take her approximately two weeks to gain/drop 20 lbs. Is there really any way that she could be do without the help/hurt(?) of lots of drugs.

And, speaking of drugs...how weird is that? How can Adderall be cool in LA suddenly when it's been around high schools forever. Seriously, I think celebrities should try a little harder. (Not that I do Adderall or anything, I'm just saying.)

[picture and "hot" caption from perezhilton.com]


latrine said...

i feel like its the dress that makes her look a little fatter. or maybe she thinks after she gets skinny, she doesn't have to worry about what she eats and /or drinks. who are those guys anyway?

LCP said...

she's at some party for tsubi (jeans) and I guess they have to do with the company or something.