Random Thoughts...

First Perez met Paris and Lindsay, now Trent has met Madonna. Plus Pink is the New Blog is (sort of) back*, yea!

Plus TVgasm has a recap of Lost (if you're a loser who didn't watch it yourself) Plus I love reading TVgasm's recaps even when I do watch the shows because they're hi-larious.

Mmm, speaking of people not watching shows, Alias' is getting really low ratings...like lower than Joey, wow. So who knows how long that'll stick around. It makes me sad that Alias went downhill so much, I'm putting 100% of the blame on Ben "Ugly" Affleck. Plus a bonus 10% on J.Garner for falling for the scumbag and letting him smoke thousands of cigarettes around her while she's pregnant

....hmm, I seem to have gotten kind of off topic.

*sort of, full gossip scheduled to return tomorrow

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