The Nasty New World

Errm, does anyone not think Colin Farrell in love scenes with a 15 yr. old girl is a tad disturbing? Okay, if you don't, how about this, they had to reshoot those love scene--from the Pocahontas movie, The New World--because "Hollywood lawyers feared the footage [broke] American child pornography laws." Also, the poor girl who plays Pocahontas--Q'Orianka Kilcher--was terrified she would faint when she first met Colin. [Corsair link]

Aside from all that stuff, I know this movie will make me really sad because John Smith (Colin) won't end up with Pocahontas...how mean was it of the Disney movie to make little kids everywhere think these two were one of those perfect fairy tale couples when they just knew one day we would hear the real story and be devastated? Disney is pretty mean.

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