Vaughniston is For Real?

I'm so confused guys...so Jen and Vince Vaughn are a real life couple now? I'm all confused because I thought these were just more photos from the set of their movie The Break-up but apparently they were taken on the balcony of Jen's home...

News of the World has this to say:

We broke news of their romance two months ago—but the stars, who met on the set of The Break Up, have always denied being an item. Now lusty Jen, 36, has revealed her true feelings for Vince, 35, by CLIMBING into his lap, STRADDLING his body and giving him a long, steamy SNOG in full view of passersby.

One witness said: “They were absolutely passionate. They couldn’t have cared less if anyone was watching. They might be two of Hollywood’s brightest stars but they just looked like any other young couple in love.”

...but New of the World articles don't really make me any less confused because they are full of shit....This whole Brad-Jen-Angelina-Vaughn mess pisses me off....can they just tell us what's going on instead of denying everything and then making out/moving in with each other right in front of our faces. sheesh, I'm so over it.

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