Jason: Boy to Man

Oh man (no pun intended, seriously, it just happened.) While browsing through TVgasm's old Laguna Beach coverage I ran across these lovely before and after (puberty) pictures of Jason.

I'm impressed that Jason actually used to be a human before he morphed into a monosyllabic ape-man. Yurrgh, I'm glad Jason's not with Jessica anymore because she is waaaaay too good for him.

And oh.my.god. I am so upset that Jason is now all over my all-time Laguna fave: LC! Go away Jason, we don't like you now that you have disgusting facial hair that screams "trying way too hard" facial hair I think you need to tag along with Cedric next time he goes to the salon for his highlights so they can fix you up. Got it? Get it? Good.


dynamene said...

Man, I'm surprised you have time to post these every day. Aren't you busy with college apps?

LCP said...

I think I'll just go to Junior College or something

dynamene said...

Jess, smack your sister into shape.