Put down the Frappucino, NOW!

Britney, remember how you disappeared for a month after SPF's birth and amazed us with how good you were looking again? Remember how in that month we didn't see you drinking any frappucinos???

Seriously brit-brit, you have to see the connection between you buying all those yummy frappucinos (with the whipped cream I notice) and you gaining 50 lbs--Yes, I know you were pregnant Britney, but you're a celebrity and that means you have to keep up appearances, okay?

Also--not to overwhelm you with so much advice all at once--but those shiny satiny camisoles have got to go. They're almost as tacky as K.Fed (especially when worn with nursing bra peeking out) and they're not super-flattering either.

Okay, go back to your frappucino Britney, I know you're not taking my advice seriously, just think about what I'm saying Brit, that's all I ask of you. [ohnotheydidnt link to more pics]

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