Jen Speaks...Again

And if you still care what she has to say you can go read the article right now [Elle link]...don't you love when magazines put everything online so you don't have to waste your money? Me too.

If you're wondering why you would need to hear her story again? Well, according to Elle
"Months have passed. Seasons have changed. Eight-pound dumbbells rest on the floor. A bottle of pinot grigio chills on ice. A fabulous hair day is being had. “All that shit's old news,” Aniston says, really smiling, waving it off. “Past: done. Present: now. Future: none of our business.”

Or, as her friend Courteney Cox-Arquette says, “There's definitely been a shift. And that chapter…well, she seems really happy now.”"
...hmm, is that a coy reference to her balcony make-out sessions with Vince Vaughn?

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