Vans(ity) Insanity

This is taking it a bit far, right?

I love the Bottega and I sorta-love the Vans (see long coveted, then completely neglected Vans that lie beneath my closet's mountain of flip-flops)...but aren't the Bottega-Vans rather fugly?

How could you possibly pull these off and not come off as a pretentious poseur?

I was reading InStyle today (at Piazza's...while cutting Comp. Sci...again) and there was a little article about Carson Kressley (Queer Eye's blonde) with a picture of his closet. It was stocked with about 10 pairs of Vans slip-ons, including multiple pink.

Hopefully, that tells us something.....pink Vans are totally hawt!

[Flypaper link]


Treenman said...

haha... i put confessions of a broken heart (daughter to father) on mahncy's myspace because rumors wasn't working :(. so yea. cool. today was fun.

LCP said...

good move on the quick-fix LiLo replacement. and same about today...we should buy those books..I'm intrigued by "chloe's" drug problems. And I love gossip girls b.s.--b.s.=blair and serena...aren't I clever? (yes.)