I Once Was Lost...

...meh, I don't know where I was going with that title since I'm mos def still Lost....that being the one show I've remained faithful to all season.

(Yeah, I totally dumped America's Next Top Model and Prison Break....which incidentally I taped tonight, so maybe Wentworth & Co. still have a chance in my busy busy schedule. And I feel really bad for the way I've been cheating on Veronica Mars....I don't even have a good excuse, except that I desperately need TiVo, seriously, who in the world could love TiVo better than me? Certainly not certain people I know...*cough* Kate *cough*)

...oh right, getting back on track, check out this brazilliant theory about the those annoying Tailies who are currently plaguing Lost. (The following is an excerpt from the possibly SPOILER-ish article, so don't read it if you're enjoying your ignorance.)

"Libby's a plant. She's the Ethan of the Tailies' camp....Libby's the last one to interact with Cindy. And Cindy's carrying a large blue knapsack. By the time they've climbed to the top, Libby's carrying the knapsack. You're telling me she took the knapsack from Cindy and then proceeded to forget all about her? This is a ridge, not K-2 — you don't just ''lose'' people like that. Also notable: Cindy hands Libby a walking stick of some sort, just before we lose track of her completely. As this handoff takes place, we see a cavelike opening in the background, right where Cindy's about to pass. And it looks as if there's some sort of shape inside. But here's my best evidence of Libby's treachery: Tonight, she told Sawyer she's a clinical psychologist. Well, who appears to have designed this tropical house of horrors, according to a certain orientation video? A team of clinical psychologists, that's who. Coincidence?"

Not quite as satisfying as if Ana "Ugly Bitch" Lucia was the evil one, but I'm kind of resigned to the annoying face of Michelle Rodriguez sticking around for awhile. Damn.

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