Kate and the Coke

I must say I'm super-duper intrigued by the fact that Kate Moss drinks regular Coca-Cola....what does it mean?

A) She's back on the other coke...cancelling need to watch calories
B) She really drinks the Coke, but she makes up for it by not consuming any other calories
C) Coke has a really funny ad campaign coming out soon
D) That guy behind her FORCED her to take the can

I pick D...notice her angry face. And the distance between her and the can, as a body-language expert I interpret this to mean that she and (non Diet) Coke do not share a very intimate relationship, and are in fact, just putting on a show for the cameras.

[image from Popsugar]


dynamene said...

There's no good reason to drink diet ANYTHING unless you're diabetic or fat. Anyone who eats enough that the sugar intake from soda affects their weight has serious issues with blood sugar levels.

LCP said...

Wait, how does that work? Let's say you drink one soda a day: if it's regular that's 200(?) extra cal per day. and (365 days)(200 cal/day)(1 lb / 3500 cal) is over 20 lbs...how is that not affecting weight?

dynamene said...

200 kcal a day? What are you drinking, lard?

LCP said...

12 oz. can of coke: 155 Cal
16 oz. bottle of coke: 200 Cal

dynamene said...

Wow, that's pretty ridiculous. I think it's much lower for other drinks. I don't know anyone who still drinks Coke, anyway.
Still, it's not true that every extra calorie adds to weight; only if those are excess calories. If you're eating that much you'd be fat regardless of what you drink.

Anonymous said...

C) Coke has new commercials in which you pour the diet coke into a regular coke can to drink it. All the status of regular coke with extra saccharine flavor!