Harry Potter Grows Up

In related news (to the growing up-ness of the Harry Potter clan) here is some Harry Potter ecstacy....

What I'm wondering is whether they only do this for really big releases like Harry Potter and Star Wars and stuff or whether they release for any genre of movie....say Mean Girls cocaine, or Trainspotting heroin?

Anyways, went to see it--the movie, not the drug--last night and my reactions were (to the movie that is, not the bitches who cut in front of us in the ginormous line and talked amongst themselves about how we had been trying to cut):

Overall: Meh, so-so. It carried the story along alright, and it wasn't exactly bad, but I wouldn't say it was tons of fun either and it is definitely burdened by all the hype.

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High Points:Cedric Diggory (played by Robert Pattinson) who is pretty hot--not quite hot enough to carry a whole movie, in part due to some overly rosy cheeks....unfortunately ol' Rob doesn't always appear so attractive...
Y'know, I know that Choo Choo Train (aka Cho Chang) is supposed to be really gorgeous and stuff, but considering that the only thing she had setting her apart from average was a Scottish accent....this couple just didn't seem very plausible.

Low Points: The decline of Ron (played by Rupert Grint)....this was truly upsetting.

I present to you Exhibit A (Rupert circa the release of the first Harry Potter movie)....
awww, note the cute smile and wide innocent eyes

And Exhibit B (Rupert circa present day....looking distressingly annoying)
Ew. Note how cute smile has morphed into grotesque smirk and notice the jaundiced leering from beneath his "cool" premiere-ready hair, grody.

This transformation was even more glaringly evident in the movie where we're first treated to Rupert and his glowing white, grub-like arms as he awakes in his heinous wifebeater....it was a bad way to start off the movie is all I can say.

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JCP said...

I noticed exactly the morph you discussesd. Question: what do you think about male v. female redheads. It seems to ME that the female ones are pretty stunning but the males ones are super cute while little and then, far too often, dun dun dun