"Seacrest Out!"

COOPER: Hey, Ryan. How's it going? That's the biggest tie I've ever seen, by the way.
SEACREST: You know, I don't know. It is -- it's bigger than my head, isn't it?
COOPER: No, it works, it works for you.
SEACREST: Look at the size of -- your bow's tiny, mine is huge.
All right. What's coming up on the show?
COOPER: I've heard that often.

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P.S. Yes K, they really said this stuff..and for future reference I will attempt to put all quotes in a different font so you can easily separate the "real" reality from my my version of reality.


treenman said...

yea, i heard seacrest was going to be on anderson cooper 360. ahh... so hot. (anderson that is)

hot hot heat said...

wait... are you insinuating that ryan is anderson's gay lover? i don't really get the point of the conv.