I Spit in the Face of PETA: *Ptooey!*

OMFG! I love when Mary-Kate whips out the furs, they look so good! (No sarcasm there guys, I get that certain (stupid) people don't understand MK's look---and yes, Mr. Blackwelll, with his stupid little "worst-dressed list" is one of those dumbasses--but the point is that I like the way she dresses and her look has nothing to do with the tack-ay imitations that give her such a bad name....)

Innyhoo, that was just a long intro to this little gem of an excerpt from today's Gawker Stalker:

I saw Mary-Kate Olsen at Galaxy Deli on 10th street and 3rd ave. around 10:30 pm tonight. She was wearing a fur jacket, black leggings, black platform high heels, a big gold ring and a silvery snake ring, and a black sunhat-shaped hat made of velvet or felt. She’s actually pretty, with a heart-shaped face. She was at the cash register taking her sweet time picking out lots of candy: Twizzlers, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls. She kept talking about the Tootsie Rolls to the chubby, fey boy she was with. He said something about kids from his acting class to which she responded with a comment that I didn’t catch, but the inflection in her voice is what I like to call the slack-jaw-ennui-up-talk. Then he said sarcastically: “You’re getting cold-hearted in your old age.” One or both of them smelled like booze.

See! Proof that Tootsie Rolls are truly her favorite candy! I mean we all read the rumours......but I still had my doubts. I feel much more at peace now that I know it's for real.

Okay, plus I just liked it b/c her outfit sounds cute in that special MK way: love the black leggings with black platforms......and obvs. the fur. Um, the hat though? Seriously? That's venturing onto dangerously J.Lo infested territory, right?

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