Damn It Feels Good to Be a Hamster

If I was really cool I would buy this shirt. And I would have a hamsta named Gangsta.....or maybe Wanksta? Anyway:

And all I gotta say to you / Wannabe, gonnabe, cocksuckin’, pussy-eatin’ prankstas / Cuz when the fry dies down what the fuck you gonna do / Damn it feels good to be a [hamsta]

Just a few words to live by from the Geto Boys.

[all cool people will obviously be buying a piece of the hotness at Delia*s......although why the fuck it only comes in one color I do not know]


treenman said...

that is soo funny... i actually would wear for your benefit after seeing it. i was afraid there would be a big orange hamster on it.
p.s. poor emmett got eliminated over santino's hideous design!!! i lurved him. and you know what else? i thought chloe would for defs win, but she lost! to greasy skinned ZULEMA of all people!!! that sasha cohen. and instead of nina, there was a meaner lady from elle. actually santino was pretty funny in this one. i feel kind of sorry for him. there was this one part where tim gunn and the rest were trying to ice skate. tim gunn looked petrified!! you must see this episode man.

LCP said...

fo defs

dynamene said...

Hamsters poop all over the place.