How To Study For Finals

1. Watch Cheaper by the Dozen 2 even though you said you never would. Give me a break, it was Hilary Duff's first movie as a skinny minnie (for some reason that always runs through my head when I think of her....maybe it's the Disney, maybe the fact that mice have big teeth?) Anyhow, my (un)tasteful self enjoyed it despite the fact that its humour was "....as malnourished as Hilary Duff appears to be" Ha ha, eat that Hil.D......hmmm, maybe I should call her Hil. D. it has a nice "horsedfaced Hildie" ring to it while still retaining that sugary Disney popstar vibe.

2. Watch Tristan and Isolde even though it obviously wasn't going to be supa dupa (considering the fact that I saw most of the previews on TV) and drool over James Franco. I love him because a) He's pretty. b) Basically any cookie cutter "hot guy" is like 5 bazillion times hotter in an ancient warrior costume. c) He comes from Palo Alto which has a severe lack of interesting famous people (No! The Donnas are not interesting)

3. Watch (so fucking overhyped) 24 because people talk about it so much that it must be good, right? Wrong. What a waste of 4 hours of precious TV space this week....and really, WTF with the 2 day/4 hr season premiere, a little full of ourselves are we? Surely that's more than anyone could stand?

Actually, the absolute crap that is 24 kind of brought home the fact that TV is a lot less inspiring lately than usual...............I look back fondly on the early days of Alias, the O.C., Sex and the City, even as recently as Lost. Lately my favorite show is Grey's Anatomy and frankly, that's just because there's nothing better at the moment.

They wonder why we're so addicted to reality TV, huh? Give me Laguna Beach any day over 24! What's stupider: watching superficial people (successfully) act funny and superficial or watching superficial people (unsuccessfully) act important and exciting?

4. Watch a lot of other crap TV and then bitch about it all. My life is so hard.


katrina said...

i want to see tristan and isolde.. just because hes so pretty.
you know, the mahnce ponce has gotten on the 24 wagon before even going on the grey's or lost wagon. so much so that the fats invited her to go to a marathon. you will probs be deleting this comment soon because you get uncomfortable when i mention school peeps.
p.s. the reason hil d. didnt participate in any of the family activity was because she doesnt have enough energy to do jumping jacks, only enough to sit and hold the allure magazine up.

LCP said...

too true (about the flat mahnster and the allure) yea for both being up way too early in the fuckn morning....sorry about the paranoid comments (too much caffiene?)

are you going to continue studying during the wk bc I fuckn hope not so I you can fuckn waste your time with me

see you at school, bitch

katrina said...

sadly i am borderline in all my classes so i probs can hang out for a little bit, but no whole day things.

LCP said...

you suck ass

p.s. this is an interesting alternative to talking online...I'm not sure WHY you cant just sign the fuck on but its probs just bc you're WAY too busy and important to talk to me


yeah katrina sheesh

katrina said...

more like BLAHnathan sucks.

LCP said...

omg, i was so about to tell him: you put the BLAH in Blontathan!

what can i say....great minds and such