Adrien Brody & The Thug Life

Hm, Adrien Brody, appears to be really racially confused or something. How does he remain so attractive despite the fact that he talks like an 11 yr. old boy? No matter how badly he disgraces himself with this article in Mass Appeal magazine (no, I've never heard of it either) I still have to say that he does rock the head tilt pretty well:

Mass Appeal: So you were in Bullet with Tupac, right?

Adrien Brody: Oh, yeah. I went bombing with Tupac. Get the fuck outta here. I went bombing in Brooklyn with Tupac. On the wall, he was writing “Thug Life” before any Thug Life albums were out, and he had it on his chest. I was like, What the fuck is Thug Life? That’s cool. I think some of it might be on the wall in a scene in Bullet. I forget what I wrote.

Mass Appeal: Did you spend a lot of time with ’Pac?

Adrien Brody: Mickey [Rourke] and ’Pac’s boy had this fistfight, so we’re all just chilling, drinking in Mickey’s trailer. ’Pac would come out in a blaze of smoke, and we would all hang out a lot. One night, we shot all night. I finally got one take or two takes, because the sun was coming up. I just came through in the crunch. It was independent guerilla film making, craziness. Afterwards, I was hanging under the Major Deegan [Expressway] in a limo at like four in the morning when I played my ’Pac my beats on cassette! I remember chilling with ’Pac, just cruising on the way home in the back of the car, sun coming up—it was a dream come true. It was just one of those moments." [Mass Appeal Magazine via The Corsair]

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