LiMoLo is the "Most Beautiful Star"

Okay, I'm not sure she's really the most beautiful, but Teen People is possibly one of the worst magazines ever, so we should be thankful they didn't pick someone truly horrendous like Fergie or something.

“Beauty is grace and confidence. I’ve learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me,” Lindsay has said.

It’s no wonder everyone’s obsessed with this 19-year-old actress-singer-beauty chameleon. Not only is she confident, gorgeous and talented — her brand-new album, A Little More Personal (Raw), is her latest bid for showbiz dominance — but she’s fearless when it comes to switching up her look. Whether she’s blonde, brunette or her natural red, she’s always distinctively Lindsay. “She’s so amazingly confident — that’s the key to any hair color,” says New York City colorist Sarah Gold, who regularly works with Lindsay. “Most girls her age would be crushed if people said they didn’t like her hair color, but Lindsay really has the confidence to pull it off no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Um, whatevs, Lindsay. If you truly appreciated what nature gave you your hair would still be red. Yes, you're pretty with all hair colors but you can stop experimenting because nothing will ever look as good as the red did.

[Teen People via Popsugar]

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