The Simple Life on E!

Um, but this still kind of sucks since I don't have cable. Damn Fox for letting Paris and Nicole go!

Oh...in case you're wondering how E! will do the show without Paris and Nicole willing to make witty banter together?

"The fourth season will have Hilton and Richie taking turns playing a “wife” and running households, with the family involved each week deciding which of the two did a better job.

If Hilton and Richie are still not talking, the format allows for filming to take place with each woman not coming into contact with the other, said Chris Alexander, spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox Television."

...By pitting them against each other, duh! Although, I think we all know Nicole will make the better wife since Paris didn't even manage to hold onto the groom. Also, haven't these TV people noticed that Paris desperately needs a sidekick? She's definitely not capable of being funny on her own...she's barely capable of giggling vacuously at other people's funniness. [source]

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