Johnny Depp is "The Libertine"

Why hadn't I heard of this movie before?

I'm so excited to see this....I mean yes, Johnny Depp, is a hot pirate but all the eyeliner and the craziness are bound to get old after three movies, and I didn't even bother to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because even Johnny couldn't make that look attractive.

This movie sounds much more promising! J.D. plays John Wilmot, second earl of Rochester who was a 17th century writer and "notorious rake". According to the New York Times:

"...there was something principled about Wilmot's libertinism - that in an age of hypocrisy and false piety, he was heroic in his unbelief and his scorn for convention. In the movie's portrayal, which includes elements of Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop (for whom Mr. Depp used to open), he's more nearly a rock star ahead of his time, whose dark glamour comes from burning himself out."

That sounds pretty promising, but since it was an article (not a review) they don't really tell us whether it's a good movie or not. Anyway, it's already opened in NY and LA, so hopefully it will be here soon, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's a movie worthy of Johnny.

Okay, I found the review and it's not particularly glowing...but it's not terrible, so I'm still determined to like this movie.

[NY Times "Glamorizing the Progress of a Notorious Rake"]
[NY Times review]

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