Gender Bender

This is LiMoLo out with a S.R.U.G. (Some Random Unidentified Guy)...um, like she's not always out and about with some new guy and/or hair color, what's really interesting about this photo is the whole "coordinated but not matching but totally switched genders" look they have going on:

1. Matching super dark hair....I'm not even going to bother to comment on LiMoLo's color issues at the moment, she knows what color hair she is meant to have, she's just being a rebellious teenager, sigh.
2. His and Hers huge shades
3. His and Hers tight dark jeans
4. Then the gender issues: she's wearing a big menswear-ish plaid shirt--which is really nothing new--but I like how he took the look to the next level by putting on one of her tight cardigans. It's so girly and tight and he obviously thinks he's pretty cool...could this be the next "guys wearing pink" trend?

[image via Popsugar]

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treener said...

if the cardigan thing is the new guy trend, i like it a lot more than the pink polo thing just because adam brody looked so cute in one of them in this clothing ad.