The End of Spederline???

Probably not, but I so wish it was.

"...source tells PerezHilton.com exclusively that Spears and the Federjerk got into a heated exchange in their Malibu mansion and Brit kicked the stoner to the curb. (Kevin was witnessed leaving the house in the early A.M. hours by himself)."

Then we'd just need Britney to get all pretty again, because it truly, madly, deeply pains me to admit that at the moment Xtina is hotter than Britney...who would've thought it could come to this?

[PerezHilton link]


katatat said...

speaking of walking around the street in the early a.m., did you get those flats at old navy? did they end up being too pointy? okay... really bad segway. (lynn says: that was the worst segway i've ever heard in my life!!) AY OH!! ok katrinas very sleepy next to her heat dish. i'm going to go before i fall asleep.

LCP said...

segway?? SEGWAY?????? do you speak ENGLISH? Lynn says you cannot.


p.s. I didn't go to old navy, but I do want those flats still....did you think I didn't want to wait through g period for you? b/c I would wait through a MILLION g periods for you dear. Maybe some other time this wknd??