Pamela Anderson Won't Wear Trashy Clothes...

...ha ha. Oh, Pam, you could never look trashy.

Pamela is upset because she thinks the wardrobe they provide for her on her show Stacked is too trashy. Note to Pam: The whole fucking show is trashy!!!! It's a show about your boobs, of course, they expect you to wear (your signature) trashy clothes.

Anyhow, the show budgeted $25,000 for her wardrobe, but she supposedly payed $100,000 of her own money to buy "elegant" clothes from Stella McCartney where she "scooped up everything from cute sweaters and sexy dresses to Stella’s trademark vegan pumps."

Yea, Pam for being nice to animals and for spending tons of money so she won't look trashy. Um, too bad no one told her that those silicone accessories are a tad tacky before she spent her money on those. (Although I don't really think she shouldn't have gotten those. Pam wouldn't be Pam without them.)

[MSNBC link]

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