Sienna Miller: Factory Girl

..as in her style is so manufactured I want to hit her.

Y'know she was totally growing on me and then she had to throw down this horrendous excuse for an outfit (And I'm not even going to discuss those knitted Ugg things, really Sienna that's low even for you)

[image (with caption) via Hollywood Rag] but no, it's not Jude's Hat, it's MK's hat! No wait! It's Kate Moss's hat!

And the cropped leggings? Are those MK's too?

But the madness doesn't stop there, is that MK's scarf? WTF, Kate wore it too?

I think my head is going to explode so I'll stop now but feel free to peruse other instances of Sienna's shameful style-stealing that I blogged about back in the day (this summer): Here, Here and Here

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