When Pink Monsters Attack

Tyra: So then the pink monster attacked me like this: "rawwwwr" but I tricked it with my fierce modeling skills then took it home and skinned it and made a pretty* shirt

*tyra translation = heinously ugly, like her red hair in comparison to what her hair should look like

Nigel: Huh, there is a pink monster on Tyra's boobs....Tyra's boobs....[looks back at the doodle on his notepad to avoid being distracted] Tyra is crazy. If only I wasn't too old to be my own top model anymore, I would ditch this lame show quicker than Janice Dickenson....hmm, maybe I should try to get my own modeling show on Lifetime like Janice...

[fourfour link to the whole recap of this episode complete with tons more hi-larious screencaps]

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