Lindsed Loheto

The Lohan and the Leto (Jared...but if you didn't know who I was talking about already you suck) are apparently going publico with their relationship...not like we hadn't noticed that she has had his "mark" on her like forever. Apparently, Lindsay cares more about Jordan Catalano than she does about peace, that's okay it's tough call for everybody I think.

Okay, so I would be totally happy with just this whole "Lindsed" news I mean I'm sure they've totally bonded over their music and stuff. (Has anyone else noticed that "Lindsed" sounds like "Lynn's head" pronounced with a Cockney accent, or at least that's what it sounds like when I say it) But wait, there's more! They're making a movie together???? About John Lennon??? The only thing that could make this news any better would be if there was an Olsen Twins cameo they could be swinging sixties groupies perhaps. Let's hope it all works out (including the cameo).

[all (fabulous) links are from La @ junk feud, my favorite chronicler of all things Lohan and Lennon and Leto]

Update: Okay perhaps they're not like the most perfect-est couple ever because cityrag has a lot of evidence that "Jared Leto is a Douche"

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