Mandy's Been Hitting the Bottle

...again, and I just have some friendly advice:

First of all Mandy-Candy, you were way prettier as a blonde (all the anti-blonde venom was intendend for Lohan....whereas--I think--you're actually naturally blonde)

Second of all, have you seen how old and processed La Lohan's locks are starting to look? I thought so. And I'm just going to assume that you want to keep your locks natural and healthy like your lifestyle....so step awaay from the dye, mmmkay?

Third of all (grammar check? For some reason anything higher than "second of all" sounds weird but "second of all" totally works, whatevs.) Even if you are going brown, this looks not going to work: booo-ring. I'm warning you right now that non-blonde is a lot more work than blonde (interesting colors like blonde and red can get by on color alone, but brunettes have to work a little harder to look good....it's just kind of plain on its own) and totally aside from color, I like the dress and all but I think your hair needs a tad more volume to compete with that rather large expanse of chest you're exposing.

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