She Totally Knows She's The Cool One

You know she does, look at that little smirk. Plus, junk feud thinks so too, so I mean that seals the deal.

Okay, obviously I love her and her fashion sense (people who trash her are just boring and uncool...and ugly) but I have ONE small complaint: the bag

What's with the obviously expensive, super-girly bags? That's so not her thing. (Things should look good because they look good not because you recognize them) Plus, I'm annoyed by the purse on the elbow thing. That's a very prim, prissy way to carry your bag and looks bad with the whole Johnny Cash thing she's got going on here.

Whatevs. She's still like 5 billion times better dressed than (well, than anyone except for Kate Moss but right at this moment) that girl she's next to! Do MKAO like not hang out with well-dressed people?

Ok, one last thing--and don't think this means I condone making fun of MK--but how hilarious is this Halloween costume? Plus How funny are Regis and Kelly dressed as MKAO? Poor Ash always has to be the fat one.

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