I <3 Andy Samberg

First the Chronic (what!) cles of Narnia (or the Lazy Sunday rap as laaaaaaaaaaaaaame people call it)....now this Young Chuck Norris video.

On the plus side for SNL: yea! finally something funny is on the show (incidentally....something kind of hot too, right? I'm not alone there?)

On the minus side for SNL: Why the hell would I waste my time watching the whole fucking show when I can watch all the best bits on the internets?

Ooooh! and in related news.........watch Lazy Monday! It's the West Coast's response to Lazy Sunday, and it makes California seem really, um, cool.


katrina said...

you go to http://www.thelonelyisland.com/ for more of him and be sure to watch "just 2 guyz" under the shorts... soooo funny!! except without hottie samberg action.. hes in a few so there. hang out with me tonight pleasee!!! im bored as fuck! my moms working at 7 so you can come then, ot earlier if you wish.

katrina said...

actually, samberg makes a brief appearance, and they call him a cunt.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute now the west coast is LA?

katrina said...

haha this proj run was pretty darn good. okay shiny zulema stole nicks pretty model and then he got upset... basically zulema was out and dan v won!!! good results, but unfortunately nick wont get tarah back and will have to stick wih the antm reject tim calls a stretched out marshmallow who walks like a zombie.