Hillary Duff's #1 Fan?

Let's Count the Ways in Which This is So Very Wrong:

1. Joel Madden.....nuff said
2. Public Display of Duff-love.....why exactly does he want people to know that he's with an emaciated former Disney princess?
3. Trucker hat
4. Airbrushing???????
5. Pink and Purple AIRBRUSHING?????


katrina said...

i bet h. duff made that poor guy wear it saying if he didnt, she would lose another ten pounds.
p.s. my comments are lamo because im just too lazy to think, but i care too much about you to leave you hanging.

LCP said...

yea! um, see, my responses are totes lamezo too. *le sigh*

*le kat* said...

speaking of *le sigh*, jonathan dropped it in during one of our online conversations.

LCP said...

woo hoo!

nxt goal: make him start saying it in english. as in, when douchebag attacks something jon says he'll just be all *LE SIGH* and the douche will've been told!