Chanel on the Cheap

Ack! I love love love these pins! They're the next best (and waaaaay cheaper) thing to those Chanel slip-on sneakers that look like Vans* and did I mention that I'm in lurrrrrrve with them???????

You can buy various labelicious pins at ioffer.com

* I'm kind of afraid to wear my normal Vans because I feel like total poser (me, skateboarding............) but anyway, I feel like the Chanel version would be totally unposerish because what self-respecting skater would want designer shoes?

P.S. About all this shit concerning Chanel's "huge" mistake in lending Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman preworn frocks at the Golden Globes. Dude, get over it, and shut up about actresses boycotting Chanel or something. Chanel is Chanel and (erm, nothing personal against Reese or Natalie both of whom I love, but) these bitches should just shut up and be thankful for the fucking gorgeous clothes they get to wear for free.


katrina said...

i bet kirsten drunkst has something to do with this ludacrisy. notice her involvement in both of the cases.

LCP said...

lol....but she looked pretty in both, it's not her fault that she's the only one who actually paid attention to what her stylists were putting on her.