Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Insane

Seriously. Bat-shit insane:

"Teri Hatcher is my favorite Desperate Housewife. She's just sex on legs. She's an older woman who I imagine could teach me a few things." [Source]

That's definitely crazy talk. I used to think he was marginally hot (okay, sometimes I thought he was hot, really hot, really really hot........but then sometimes he looked like this) but now he's definitely off the prospective husbands list because, let's be honest, I really don't want to take the risk of ending up with crazy babies.


kay said...

did you see him all seating nervously at the golden Gees? it was quite scary. he sounded like he was on narcotics, which he probs was.... but i loves the irish accent.

LCP said...

hehe....you know who else looked very under the influence.....joaquin, so sad--didn't he JUST get out of rehab?