Fat Actor?

Looking at some horrifying before and after shots from A Socialite's Life, well, for his sake (and for the sake of world-hotness levels in general) I really hope Jared Leto's been wearing a fat suit as he films the new (Lindsed Loheto spectacular) Chapter 27.

I'm not the hugest Jared Leto fan (post Jordan Catalano that is) but the hotness of that first pic is undeniable. Seriously, what a step up for ol' Lindsay Lohan from Wilmer Vanderrama to that..........and then to see it all disappear? That would be really tragic. Almost as if she were destined to date chubby, annoying actors for the rest of her life. Poor Lindsay. Oh for the sake of the Lindsay in us all, please get hot again Jared!


katrina said...

it MUST be a fat suit. theere was that one pic of him and linds at the car and his face looked normal. i bet he has tissues in his mouth.

LCP said...

sure...........the latest in hollywood fat-suit technology.