No Gold For You Ms. Kwan!


Just thought I should celebrate the end of the Olympic career of my least favorite ice skater that everyone else seems to love. (Everyone who sucks, that is.)

Yea for Sasha Cohen!

C'mon, she gets featured on Project Runway, how much cooler can you possibly get?


katrina said...

that sucks that she broke her groin because her dropping out of the olympics is one of the top olympics stories, therefore a lot of embarrassment for her.

LCP said...

1st of all: breaking your groin????? BREAKING???? I think they call it spraining or something, right bc that sounds really weird

2nd of all: Michelle Kwan sucks, why the hell does she get to pretend she's a celebrity when she's just an over the hill ice skater who never managed to score gold...........bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Kwan is nasty.

Anonymous said...

Check out that nose.