Attack of the Clones

This is from the TVgasm recap of this week's suspense-asmic* episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The Many Faces of Ellen Pompeo. Clockwise from upper left: happy Meredith, sad Meredith, excited Meredith, frightened Meredith, surprised Meredith, hopeful Meredith, angry Meredith, despondent Meredith, horny Meredith, shitfaced Meredith.

LOL. Especially funny if you actually imagine each expression with the emotion. Hint: imagine a different Meredith monotone voiceover with each "emotion".

Also, did anyone else think that Meredith looked especially cyborg-like while wearing a flak jacket? Sometimes I think Ellen Pompeo is pleasantly depressing and at other times I think she's just ABC's other Teri Hatcher.

Despite the sheer idiocy of this whole 2-episode bomb in the body plotline it did make for some hi-larious screencaps, so definitely check out the other ones in the TVgasm recap. Meredith's fabulous "acting" when the bomb squad guy explodes? Sooooo goood.

*suspense-asmic = overwrought, overacted, overthought, overbotoxed, overdumbed, and under-realistic-ized......ummmm, but it's still my favorite.

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