"One Foot in Gucci, One Foot in the Ghetto"

The above quote made me loooove Kimora Lee Simmons so damn much that I felt compelled to share some of her life lessons on how to be fabulous (ghettofabulous?) with all y'alls.

"If you're shy, get the hell over it: You're slamming the door in your own face."

"In almost any situation, it is far more devastating to keep your icy cool while the other person gets herself in a flush-cheeked, teary-eyed hot mess yelling in your face."

"Heels, heels, heels. My motto: 4 inches, no less."

"Wear a dramatic coat that almost demands someone help you put it on and take it off."

"Laugh a lot. It makes everybody wonder if it's more fun to be at your party."

"Turn up the music in every room you enter."

Ah! I so want to write these on the whiteboard in my English class. And why shouldn't I? Everybody else writes "inspirational" shit up there.

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[image from the smoking gun]


Anonymous said...

Holy fuck she's ugly

LCP said...

okay, not the prettiest woman ever but this IS her mugshot......she generally looks more like this: http://www.airmassive.com/wasabi/archives/kimoraleesimmons.jpg