Last Week: The Recap

Obviously, the only reason I have not been posting in the past week (exactly 7 days! I'm so organized!) is that I have been too busy making like Ashley Olsen in a Hanes T-shirt and being absolutely fab-ulous.

Things That I Have Been Doing While Being Fab-ulous:
* watching the Lindsay Lohan version of Parent Trap....methinks she may have peaked at age 10. (Actingwise that is. Socialwise I suppose she's moved on up, considering that in the movie she takes a picture of Kate Moss with her to summer camp and now the two are pole dancing buddies)
* getting Ds on Physics tests..............translation: NOT failing!!! GO ME!!!
* playing Snood. My puzzle high score is 94661, what's yours, Megan?

....and the #1 reason I was busy last week: Duh! Fashion Week! Where else would Ashley Olsen be but at all the most fabulous of fabulous New York Fashion Week Fall '06 shows???

P.S. Possibly celebrities did stuff last week, but probably nothing very important. You can go check.

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