I Knew There Was Something Wrong With Abercrombie*

Meet Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and one verra weird guy:

"....at A&F headquarters Jeffries always goes through revolving doors twice, never passes employees on stairwells, parks his Porsche every day at the same angle in the parking lot (keys between the seats, doors unlocked), and has a pair of "lucky shoes" he wears when reading financial reports."

Not to mention he's 61 years old and still wearing Abercrombie (if you don't find that picture of him seriously disturbing, you're probably either seriously disturbed...or from L.A.)

Innyhoo, the whole article about this freaktacular is highly amusing and worth reading. Especially the part where they say that A & F is for college students and Hollister is for high school students: lol.......fo' reals???? I think they meant A & F is for losers and Hollister is for Losers, putting the lovely moi firmly in the losers category--note lowercase "l" porfavs.

*other than this and this

[Salon via !!!omg blog!!! ]


katrinks said...

weird. its good you finally posted because since i am mostly too lazy to pick up a phone and call you, leaving messages on new posts is our only form of communication (because you stopped going online).

LCP said...

hey.....isn't it funny how since you left this comment I've been online AND been to your house??? I guess you're not very smart, all you're good for is making cookies.