"Just a small town girl, living in a loooooonely wo-orld...she took the midnight train going aaaa-nywhere...."

Admit it, Family Guy + Journey = tons of fun sing-a-long

Man, do I love that song. I only wish I had a clip of that time on Laguna Beach when Stephen and LC were driving at night and this song came on and even they couldn't resist singing along (kind of half-heartedly...but I can't really imagine Stephen doing anything with enthusiasm, except maybe that)


mahncy said...

this is my first comment! i just wanted to say that i absolutely love that song by journey too. i actually just finished burning it onto a mix cd i made like 20 minutes ago...definitely a good sing-a-long song. i like that clip too.

treens said...

This song is the best drunk kareoke, lying in bed crying, singing along with good friends, looking out of the window on a road trip and missing home kinda song. in other news, you should come over tommorrow evening-ish or maybe the next night to watch laguna beach. i wish mtv had it on demand style so we could watch all the episodes at once. Oh yea, speaking of which, i have almost all the recent real world austin episodes so if your done being a dorky precollegiate, we can muddle around and watch that.

p.s. did you notice i reverted back to treens? from now on (if i remember) ill only be treens or latrine or however you spell it.

LCP said...

mahncy: burn me a copy of the mix (please?) and btw congratulations on being soooo smart that you figured out the comments

latrina: definitely yes to laguna tomorrow....despite the fact that I have to turn in a college essay in english wednesday morning...but that's okay I have all night to write that