Stella Star

How cool is it to have your name in boxwood letters? That's my new ambition in life...although I think I'll hide them in the backyard so the neighbors don't think I'm too full of myself.

Speaking of Stella, I want some. How unfair is it that she is making gorgeous, cheap clothes and yet there are still hundreds of miles between them and me?

Update: Okay, I will stop complaining, H&M appears to have recognized the need for a store on the West Coast (finally) and they are putting it in San Francisco (because NorCal is so much cooler than shallow, overtanned SoCal)


Nick Doty said...

It appears that H&M is opening a store in San Francisco by late 2005. And in the meantime you can ask your sister to get you clothes when she's in New York or Boston (because she's always just jetting around to movie premieres and such).

LCP said...

Thanks, although I doubt Jess is nice enough (or has enough faith in my paying back-ness)