Bad-gley Mischka

These ads that las gemelas Olsen did for Badgley Mischka seriously just don't work.

Obviously, I love the Olsens and everything, but the Olsens as faces of a brand that's famous for its big events-y type dresses just doesn't make sense.

They totally look like two little girls dressing up and I don't know whose fault it us but the dresses in the picture on the left look quite fug.

Actually, the whole idea is fug.

[image via Popsugar]


katrina said...

i don't really like the heavy makeup, with the white faces. its kind of weird.

JCP said...

ha! i was going to send this to you! aren't they awesome?

JCP said...

dressup is the point, i thought. or isn't it? you're right about me.

lynn said...

(1)please go to the new blog
(2) isn't the idea to make the fucking clothes look good? who would spend tens of thou to look like a lil' girl dressing up
(3) also, kids dressing up would be a REALLY weird look for badgley mischka to try, when I said they did events-y type dresses, I meant this as in beyonce wears their stuff to award shows a lot....see what I mean?